2015-08-02 BJJ Belt Promotion

We still keep training at this day and today’s visiting coach is Mr. Warren. Busy life is never reduce he passion for BJJ.

Close to the activity’s time, more and more members are coming. It’s almost 90 people come to Taiwan BJJ.

So many member here but it’s never enough. 😀

The first round is kids, Betty was shock when she was called by Warren and all of the members were cheers and applause.


She  is really cute and even she back to home still didn’t know why she got the stick.

She didn’t know why everyone was cheers to her.

She was called by her idol and… still shock.

But other one is so happy.

White Belt 2 sticks
Congratulation to 子瑞(Alson)、柏瀚(Miachel)、亞暄(Kelly)、怡妏(mosquião)、尚嫻(Sabina)、謙誠(Pan)

White Belt 3 sticks
Congratulation to 銘晰(Chris)、昱光(Matt)、Ori、博揚(Monkey)、存志(Da Da)

White Belt 4 sticks
Congratulation to Norman(基隆館)、Marcus、Jeremy、光杰(Draco)、長震(Gilu Hinata Dele)、皓瑋(Howie)、昭潔(Melody)、瀚仁(Leo)、漢籦(Jones)、國承(Otis)、祖偉(Joe)、Marko

Blue Belt 2 sticks
Congratulation to 至展(Hannibal)

Blue Belt 3 Sticks
Congratulation to 信貿(A-Mao)、居正(David)

Blue Belt 4 sticks
Congratulation to 智文(Jerry)、智仁(Alan)、Michael

Purple 1 stick
Congratulation to 明鴻(Domingo)。

Purple Belt 2 Sticks
Congratulation to 銳祺(AL)

New Blue Belt
Congratulation to 禎晏、于景(Anthony)、恆毅(Harry)、品惟、Paulo、先銘(Johnny)、德軒(Marc)

New Purple Belt
Congratulation to Kurt

Congratulation again!!