About BJJ

By Warren Wang

Words to all members…BJJ is an Academy, meaning you are here to learn BJJ, from chapter 1 to 100+, like you would learn a subject like math… from addition to subtraction to multiplication and division, later algebra, trigonometry, and then calculus.

The following is a sample of the basics that are covered in our basic classes. by the time from white to blue you should know all these or atleast have a good concept of these techniques. This sample hopefully can help you as a guide in organizing and training your BJJ, and should be learned in the order of escapes, passes, then attacks. (this however does not cover the BJJ self defense concepts and techniques that should also be your BJJ knowledge) Happy training everyone!

how many escapes do you know?
1. from mount
2. from sidemount and scarfold
3. from half guard
4. from back take
5. from almost armbar (mount and guard)
6. from almost kimura (mount and guard)
7. from almost omoplata
8. from almost rear naked choke
9. from almost triangle
10. from almost guilottine
11. from almost ankle lock
12. from almost cross choke
13. from almost banana choke

how many guard passes do you know?
1. from closed guard (kneeling and standing)
2. from open guard( kneeling and standing)
3. from half guard
4. from de la riva guard
5. from butterfly guard
6. from spider guard

how many attacks(submissions) do you know?
1. from mount
2. from sidemount
3. from back
4. from half guard