2015 Shanghai International Jiu-Jitsu GCJJF Championship

2015 Shanghai International Jiu-Jitsu GCJJF Championship

2015-12-05 上海巴西柔術年度冠軍賽

Time: December 5, 2015, Saturday, 9am check-in

Location: 4th floor, Citizens Fitness Center of Huangpu District, 311 Middle Shandong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Rules: IBJJF Rule

Contestants: 300 maximum

Age Division: Male Adult (18+), Female Adult (18+), Kids (6-12 years old, Male & Female) *If juvenile under 18 wants to enroll, need to get guardian’s permission.

Weight Division:

Male (with Gi): -57.5kg, -64kg, -70kg, -76kg, -82.3kg, -88.3kg, -94.3kg, -100.5kg, +100.5kg, OPEN;

Female (with Gi): -48.5kg, -53.5kg, -58.5kg, -64kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79.3kg, +79.3kg, OPEN;

Kids 6 – 12 years old (with Gi): -22kg, -25kg, -28kg, -31kg, -34kg, -37kg, -40kg, +40kg

OPEN: First three places of each weight division can sign-up for OPEN division on site.
Remark: Minimum athletes for each weight division is 2, if less than 2 athletes, match of this weight division will be cancelled. Athletes can either get refund of the registration fee (insurance fee excluded), or enroll into OPEN division (registration fee un-refundable).

Round Duration: Kids 3min, White 5min, Blue 6min, Purple 7min, Brown 8min, Black 10min.

Qualified Applicant: GCJJF Registered Member

Competition Registration Fee: CNY240/person or USD40/person (insurance included), Champions from 2015 Shanghai Open (June 6) will be void of fee.

Important Date:

– September 28, 2015: Sign-up available on GCJJF official website
– November 28, 2015: Sign-up Deadline (subject to final payment)
– December 1, 2015: Fight card release

– December 3, 2015: Event schedule release

Ranking system:
– Athlete:
Each weight division: First place – 9 points, second place – 3 points, third place – 1 point;
OPEN weight division: First place – 13.5 points, second place – 4.5 points, third place – 1.5 points;

Kids no points.
– Academy

Academy points is the summation calculation of the points achieved by all affiliated athletes during this competition. If athlete leaved academy after the competition, the points belong to original academy will not be deducted.