Re-stocking “STORM” BJJ GI items

We’re re-stocking”STORM” BJJ GI items!

Check out the new Gis and Rashguard, please leave a message to me with the specific form, thank you.


1.    STORM Kimonos® 2016 Product Range
We have attached the 2016 product range for STORM.  We have provided for 2016 an amazing range of both Unisex, and Ladies Kimonos.  Each product features STORM quality, and innovative design, bringing new Kimono technology to the forefront in the Jiujitsu market.

STORM巴西柔術道服 (女款) 格雷斯與伊甸園系列


STORM Kimonos® (Ladies) – Grace & Eden

The ladies range of Kimonos also brings a new innovative product design, and with the feedback received to date from our female athletes, it is the most beautiful design in the market place.  Returning to the earlier female cut that you saw in the Sakura, and Flor ladies kimonos.

Storm Grace Kimono – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI3015
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)1 GI3015 STORM Kimonos® Grace - Blue

Storm Grace Kimono – Black
Storm Kimonos – GI3006
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

2 GI3006 STORM Kimonos® Grace - Blk

Storm Grace Kimono – White
Storm Kimonos – GI3007
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

3 GI3007 STORM Kimonos® Grace - White

Storm Eden Kimono – Black
Storm Kimonos – GI3016
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

4 GI3016 STORM Kimonos® Eden - Blk

Storm Eden Kimono – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI3017
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

5 GI3017 STORM Kimonos® Eden - B

Storm Eden Kimono – White
Storm Kimonos – GI3020
Size: F1-F4
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

6 GI3020 STORM Kimonos® Eden - W

STORM Kimonos®(男/女合款) – Berimbolo、T3 及 颱風 極致版


STORM Kimonos® (Unisex) – Berimbolo/T3 & Typhoon Ultra Lite
Berimbolo® is the latest Kimono and we received an amazing sell through, and feedback from this item with its new slim fit cut.  Whilst still keeping our zero hold technology, and breathe tech pants the Berimbolo® covers all jiujitsu athletes bases in their wants, and needs in a cutting edge Kimono.

The T3 and Ultra Lite bring their own features also with the T3 having new innovative cut in pants, and Ultra Lite cut, and fabrics.  STORM Kimonos® brings the family of products together, and touching all bases, and requirements of the technical athlete.

Storm Berimbolo – Gi – White
Storm Kimonos – GI3003
Size: A0-A3
$199.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$6,599)

7 GI3003 STORM Kimonos® Berimbolo - W

Storm Berimbolo – Gi – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI3004
Size: A0-A3
$199.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$6,599)

8 GI3004 STORM Kimonos® Berimbolo - B

Storm T3-RS Kimono – Gi – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI3021
Size: A0-A5
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

9 GI3021 STORM Kimonos® T3 - B

Storm T3-RS Kimono – Gi – Black
Storm Kimonos – GI3022
Size: A0-A5
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

10 GI3022 STORM Kimonos® T3 - Blk

Storm T3-RS Kimono – Gi – White
Storm Kimonos – GI3023
Size: A0-A5
$229.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$7,599)

11 GI3023 STORM Kimonos® T3 - W

Storm Typhoon Ultra Lite Kimono – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI3024
Size: A0-A5
$179.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$5,999)

12 GI3024 STORM Kimonos® Ultra - B

Storm Typhoon Ultra Lite Kimono – Black
Storm Kimonos – GI3025
Size: A0-A5
$179.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$5,999)

13 GI3025 STORM Kimonos® Ultra - Blk

2. TORM Kimonos® 兒童巴西柔術道服 偵察系列


2.    STORM Kimonos® Scout Childrens Kimonos
We have attached sales sheets for the Children’s Scout Kimono that comes with 2 jackets.  One jacket is woven, and the other is of our STORM Breathe Tech fabric which is quick drying.

SK ‘Scout’ Children GI 2 Jackets – Blue
Storm Kimonos – GI2001
Size: Y1-Y6
$89.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$2,999)

20 GI2001 STORM Kimonos® Scout - B

SK ‘Scout’ Children GI 2 Jackets – White
Storm Kimonos – GI2002
Size: Y1-Y6
$89.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$2,999)

21 GI2002 STORM Kimonos® Scout - W

SK Rashguard Compressed Fit – Short Sleeve (短袖)
Storm Kimonos – SK1015
Size: XS-XXL
$49.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$1,650)

SK Rashguard Compressed Fit – Long Sleeve (長袖)
Storm Kimonos – SK1016
Size: XS-XXL
$59.99 (2015/9/30前,NTD$1,980)

22 SK1015-16 STORM Kimonos® S-S L-S Rashguard

尺寸表 Size Chart (A0-A5)


尺寸表 Size Chart (F1-F4)


尺寸表 Size Chart (Y1-Y6)


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