Coach will explains IBJJF rules during the class from 7/20, please come to train and learn more techniques.

Weigh-in with BJJ GI or No-gi: Rashguard and fight shorts (no pocket, zipper and metal), please make sure your uniform is legal I think no one want to back to home soon before the fight.

Besides, patches are also have some rules…
Red part is not allowed
White part is allowed
and….. please check IBJJF rule book or check with your coach, thank you.



On March 30th, 2015, IBJJF will begin to enforce our new Rule Book (v4.0)

Click on the link below to see the IBJJF Rule Book

IBJJF Rule Book v4.0

Click here to download.


The list of changes to the Rule Book can be found by selecting the document “Rules Update Guide” below. If you have any questions regarding the new rules or need clarification, please contact the Rules Department.

Rules Update Guide (for Rule Book v4.0)

Click here to download.